Nov 20, 2020

2 ML Hand Sanitizer Sachet introduced by The Sacred Bath Co

After the grand success of Zermero Advance Handrub, now the Sacred Bath Co has introduced 2 ml hand sanitizer sachet.  The quality and indigents are same as of current hand sanitizer. 2ml hand sanitizer sachet is launched with keeping in mind the very necessity of the hand sanitizer in small quantity. Soon this Zermero Hand Sanitizer Sachet will be available in the market and your search for the best hand sanitizer sachet would be over. It is Antibacterial Hand Gel Sachet which kills 99.99% germs and microorganisms present on our skin.

Best Hand Sanitizer Brands

Hand sanitizer is not a new concept introduced in the Indian market, People of a certain class were using it for a long time. Hand sanitizers earlier were considered part of the premium segment and the consumption was limited to that segment only. But, all of sudden the scenario after the outbreak of Corona Covid-19 virus has changed the things. There is a drastic increase in demand of hand sanitizer was noticed and hand sanitizers become part of household items, added into an essential commodity from the luxurious commodity. Now, hand sanitizer is a usual general product and we may find it in every household. People carrying hand sanitizer in their bag, in their pocket

In the past recent months, the sale of hand sanitizers is increased and demand is surging high & higher. Now, local regional companies to big corporate companies all have started manufacturing and offering hand sanitizers. The market is currently flooded with different branded and non-branded hand

Zermero Advance Handrub

Considering the demand and need of the hour, Solace Biotech Limited also launched its hand sanitizer and named it Zermero. The Sacred Bath Co is a speciality division of Solace Biotech. Zermero Advance Hand rub is a product of The Sacred Bath Co. It is one of the finest product in the sanitizing segment of premium quality launched in the market.

Zermero Advance handrub is available in different packaging and quantity, like 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 280ml, 500ml, 2L and 5L. It is available in two forms 'liquid' and 'gel' form' in various patterns, Like flip-top bottles, dispensing bottle, trigger bottle, a spray bottle and in big cans. You can order this in bulk quantity from us or if want it for personal use then it is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal online shopping portals.

Features at a glance of 2 ml hand sanitizer sachet Manufactured by Solace Biotech Limited

  1. Eco-friendly packaging
  2. Quickly dries on the skin
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Need no water
  5. User friendly
  6. Skin-friendly
  7. Great zesty fragrance

Herbal and 100% safe: Hand sanitizer has natural ingredients like Neem, Tulsi, Haldi, Dhaniya, Nimbu, Aloe vera and Ethanol. It does not create any inflammation or irritation on the skin and dries up very quickly.'

Certifications and Approvals Available with Solace Biotech

  • World Health Organization (WHO) certified
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified
  • Approved by Ayush Ministry
  • Approved by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Grain Base Alcohol: Zermero Advance handrub has 80% alcohol in it which is the highest compared to other competitors. The kind of alcohol we use in the formulation is of the finest quality. It is made up of pure grain base alcohol which contains less than 0.01% organic impurity. Companies have already started manufacturing hand sanitizer in various volumes from small 2ml hand sanitizer sachet to big cans. The hand sanitizer sachet manufacturers are now busy in manufacturing the best sanitizers sachet 2ml in hand sanitizers. The benefit of 2ml hand sanitizer sachet is that they get easily fit in our pocket or even in our purse. We can use it anywhere without water. Hand sanitizer sachet is something new and creative innovation and sooner big branded companies would also start manufacturing this. Zermero Hand Sanitizer Sachet is a new product of the Sacred Bath Co launched with intent to provide the best hand sanitizer sachet in the segment.