Apr 07, 2020

20 seconds hand wash rule

Why to wash your hands?

Various healthcare organizations around the globe have emphasized the importance of washing hands time and again. But have you ever wondered why?

Well the answer though very simple is yet very deep in its meaning. It is believed that numerous illness causing diseases can be transferred from one infected person to another healthy person simply by a mere handshake. Yes, you read that right. Thus, washing hands again and again and keeping them clean is the most basic step to avoid falling sick and spreading germs among people around us.

Various facts and figures claim that, a simple exercise of hand washing can:

  • Reduce the no. of people who fall sick from diarrhea by 23 to 40 percent.
  • Reduce diarrheal illness in people having weak immune system by 58 percent.
  • Reduce common diseases like cough and cold among masses by 16 to 21 percent.
  • Reduce the rate of absenteeism in school going children due to gastrointestinal illness by 29 to 57 percent.   

These facts alone are enough to highlight the paramount importance of hand washing in our daily lives.

Now that you know the importance of hand washing, the next big question is

How to wash your hands?

Washing hands alone does not mean that you have said goodbye to germs from your hands until and unless you wash them properly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research report, not washing hands properly is the most common or easier way for germs to get a new body and make them sick. Not only kids, some adults are also in the category of those people who do not wash and clean their hands in a proper way. Their reason for not doing so may be their busy schedule or we can say their ignorance towards their own cleanliness. However, washing hands properly takes about as long as singing “Happy Birthday” twice which is about some 20 seconds.

Yeah it is that quick.

It takes nothing but few seconds of your daily life just like you spend some seconds when you drink a glass of water or some seconds when someone cracks a joke and we laugh upon that.

If we adopt this 20 seconds hand wash rule in our daily life, we can control the spreading of germs and can make a healthy environment around us.

Let’s learn to utilise the 20 seconds of our daily life effectively for a better health.

Step 1: Wet your hands and turn off the tap.

When you begin to wash your hands, first of all wet your hands with clean and running tap water. Water can be warm or cold.

If the water is warm then it is good as lukewarm or hot water is also a germ killer in itself. However, if the water is cold, still there is no need to worry about it.

Wet your hands till your wrists for some good 3 to 4 seconds.

Step 2: Take a soap or hand wash of your choice.

Now the next step is take a soap of your choice and start rubbing it between your hands. Rub it for 5-6 seconds till the soap melts on your hands.

If you are using a liquid hand wash, take a few drops of it on your palm and rub it properly.

Keep the soap aside and rub the soap on your hands all over your hands, at the front and back of your hands, in between your fingers, nails and cuticles.

Pay special attention to cleaning your nails as this is where most of the germs rest.

Step 3: Turn on the tap and wash your hands.

After rubbing your hands properly and making sure that no area is left untouched, open the tap again and wash your hands in running water. Wash off all the soap from your hands. Once done, dry your hands by wiping them with a clean hand towel.

And TADAA… you are good to go.

This 20 seconds hand wash rule can prevent you from germs or various infections, if you regularly repeat this habit 5-6 times a day. Not only it will prevent you from infections but will also help in building a healthy and germ free environment around you.

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