Apr 06, 2020

Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizer You May Not Know Already!

While washing hands, soap and water are known to be more effectual than rubbing a hand sanitizer in the eradication of certain kinds of germs like cryptosporidiumnorovirus, and clostridium difficile.

Although, using alcohol based hand sanitizer or hand rub can inactive many types of microbes very adequately when used appropriately, people, however, may do some mistakes while using a hand sanitizer. Such common mistakes are such that they may not take appropriate amount of hand sanitizer and/or they may mop it off before it has dried off completely.

Are you one of those? Hahaha…

As per a latest study, most of the food-borne illnesses are broaden due to polluted or contaminated hands.

But I don’t have water and soap with me all the time.

Of course, there are times and situations when you are not around soap and water. Also it’s not always possible to keep them handy. Whether you are roaming outside your home or taking your dog out for a walk, these are just like moments when soap and water aren’t promptly available.

In such situations, make sure to carry a Hand Sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers are amazing when soap and water aren’t easily accessible, like when you’re outside or while driving or when in a public transport for that matter. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are really very good at removing germs and are proved to be effective germ killers. For a hand sanitizer to be more effectual, it should contain 60 to 95 percentage of alcohol.

As of now, people also have little or no knowledge about this amazing product and thus, they have created so many myths and misconceptions about hand sanitizer. Those who are using it properly may come across about its’ various interesting facts.

Since many people may not know about the true effectiveness of these products, it is surely valuable to seek information about some of these startling facts. After all, everyone has a right to stay healthy and ensure that they win the fight against germs and infections.

  1. Both Dosage and Ingredients Matter. 

    Ingredients are most important to adhere to in terms of making a hand sanitizer more effective. In an alcohol based hand sanitizer there should not be less than 60% alcohol. Anything which is important and is not considered may reduce the effectiveness as well as may boost the growth of bacteria, exactly opposite of what we want.

    Using a hand sanitizer adequately is also very essential to see better effects. For this check the label of the product and take appropriate amount of it on your palm as mentioned on the same.

  2. Yes! Hand Sanitizers Are Safe for kids.

    Babies have a very delicate skin which leads to people thinking that hand sanitizers are not safe for them. Babies can also be benefitted from hand sanitizers. In babies, absorption of alcohol is little high but there are hardly any crucial effects and even in young children who falls under the age of 6. Just make sure that you are not overdoing it. Just reduce the amount you are taking while using on your kids and make sure that your little ones do not put their hands in their mouth immediately after applying the hand sanitizer.

  3. Hand Sanitizer Shields You from Flu.

    Of course hand sanitizer kills huge volume of flu spreading virus that may come in contact with your hand and it may also resists the transmission of diseases to your body.

  4. Soap and Water Doesn’t Eliminate More Germs. 

    Here is the beauty of hand sanitizer that it may eradicate those germs which are invisible to human eye. The visible germs may be rinsed with soap and water but it may not rinse all of the germs at all. That work is best done by a hand sanitizer.

  5. Hand Sanitizers are soft on your hands.

    Hand sanitizer does not irritate your skin. Any skin reaction after using hand sanitizers is hardly seen even though they do contain alcohol. 

  6. Hand Sanitizer can be used as a Deodorant. 

    Yes, you read that right. A hand sanitizer can be used as a good deodorant just in case you ever forget your deodorant. Not that we are saying that throw away your deodorant and use a hand sanitizer as a deodorant, you can just use it as a substitute. You can apply it under your arms and the alcohol content present in it will kill the bacteria that causes body odor. Also, alcohol dries faster as well its’ smell vanishes quickly.

With that being said, hope you will find the above article informative. For more such informative articles, stay connected with us and we’ll see you super soon with yet another piece of knowledge.

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