Apr 06, 2020

Are you applying hand sanitizer the right way?

We all know what a hand sanitizer does. When you are in a place where water and soap are not available then nothing can be more effective than rubbing few drops of hand sanitizer in your hands. But the question is, are we applying the sanitizer properly in our hands because a proper application procedure is needed to ensure that your hand sanitizer cleanses your hands of all bacteria and microorganisms.

When we are in a hurry, we often tend to apply hand sanitizer in a way too fast than the normal.

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Ok now, moving on, there must have been times and situations when in such a rush you might have skipped one of the below mentioned methods to apply a hand sanitizer in a proper way.

Proper way? What’s that?

Well, there is a way to do anything be it applying a hand sanitizer for that matter. The proper way to use a hand sanitizer depends on the consistency or form of your sanitizer. Ideally, there are two forms of hand sanitizers, liquid based and gel based.

Go and check out which form your hand sanitizer is in.

Now, if you are using a liquid hand sanitizer, you should apply it in a way as mentioned below:

1. Take 3-4 drops of the hand sanitizer and rub it for 10 seconds on your palm and between your fingers.

2. Then spread it to the back side of your hands and rub again for 5 seconds.

3. Rub your hands together for 5 more seconds including your fingers, finger tips, cuticles and nails.

4. Now allow your hands to absorb the liquid and let them dry properly.

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Another way to apply hand sanitizer on your hands, if you are using a gel form hand sanitizer is:

1. Take a dime-amount of gel hand sanitizer on your palm.

2. Spread it evenly to the back side of your hands and to your fingers.

3. After spreading it properly, rub it for 8-10 seconds with gentle hands. Rub it up around your finger tips and nails also.

4. Now let it get absorbed by your hands and let it dry.

Remember that it may take 10 seconds extra for the gel to get absorbed in your hands than your regular or liquid hand sanitizer because of its’ thick consistency.

If you apply your hand sanitizer according to any one of these two methods you can keep your hands safe and germs free. As hand sanitizer starts working immediately and kills 99.9 percent germs and micro-organisms in few seconds, it helps us to get disinfected all day long if we use it frequently in our daily life.

Things to keep in mind before and after applying the hand sanitizer:

1. Before applying the hand sanitizer, make sure that your hands must be clean and dirt free.

2. Before applying the hand sanitizer, make sure that your hands are not wet.

3. After applying the hand sanitizer, do not come in contact with flame directly until it gets completely dry.

4. After applying the hand sanitizer, do not touch food directly and wait for it to get dry.

Hope you find this blog post helpful and if you did, share it with a friend. It would mean the absolute world to me. I will see you soon with yet another informative write-up, till then STAY HEALTHY, STAY HAPPY.