Apr 01, 2020



In the present scenario, the public and government are struggling to understand the pandemic disease Covid 19 and finding ways to restrain the spread of the same. With the effect of coronavirus the sale of best alcohol based hand sanitizer in India have instantly boomed up in the market. As hands are that part of our body that usually come in contact of other people and objects and often come in contact of certain bacteria and viruses.

When head to the hygiene is a priority, the main focus goes on keeping the hands clean.

Washing hands with soap and water is the most essential part of our daily personal hygiene.Being a germophobic myself, trust me for my words as I say, I have no clue about how many times in a day I wash my hands.

Having said that, the fast-paced lifestyle that we live in today, it’s not always possible for us to be nearby sink to be able to wash out all the germs and bacteria from our hands.

And that’s pretty much why the alcohol based sanitizers and alcohol based hand rub came into the picture. As our hands carry the greater number of diseases carrying germs so keeping the instant hand sanitizer handy is often a good choice. Washing the hands with soap and water or with hand sanitizer both are the staggering ways to limit the transmission of many bacteria and viruses.

According to an esteemed and well-recognized body, World Health Organization (WHO), best alcohol based hand sanitizers are an effective alternative to clean your hands in an excellent way especially when you’re not near a sink or where soap and water is not an effective choice.

And the reason behind saying this is that, they feel:

>Best Alcohol based Hand sanitizers are really effective.

>Hand sanitizers prevent the growth of bacteria.

>As compared to our regular soaps Alcohol hand sanitizers in India are gentle on the skin.

Now that you have read till here, this shows how particular you are about your personal hygiene and how keen you are to know more about it.

To keep up to your expectations, let’s now dive into each point, in detail for the alcohol based hand sanitizer in India for which we have had mentioned above:

Best Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer in India - It's Effectiveness

It has been observed that alcohol hand sanitizers not only helps in effectively cleaning your hands than soap and water, but also reduces the bacterial burden altogether. Various studies conducted in this regard have shown overtime that when you clean your hands with a hand sanitizer or a hand rub, they tend to stay clean longer than when you clean them using soap and water. And the best part is, alcohol based hand sanitizer also prevents the transmission of germs and bacteria from one person to another.


With best alcohol based hand rub in India- Say goodbye to bacteria constantly

One of the common myths that is created and floated around is that the use of best alcohol based hand rub makes bacteria resistant to treatment.

Bit confused? Well, don’t be.

To put this in simple words, a common myth about hand sanitizer is that excessive use of hand sanitizer makes bacteria friendly towards the treatment which in turn negates the effect of the treatment. However, the best hand sanitizers functioning is based on the cell-membrane disruption caused by the ingredients present in the best alcohol hand sanitizers and this is something that the bacteria cannot escape from. To add to this, hand sanitizers doesn’t cause any physical harm to you or to your hands for that matter and in turn keeps your hands clean and healthy.

Amazing….! Isn’t it?

Hold on, sanitizer has some more astonishing facts, so the best part is yet to come.

Hand Sanitizers are gentle than the soap:

Soaps are made from certain chemicals which in general are not very much skin friendly. Excessive use of such chemical based soaps can lead to redness, lack of moisture, allergy overtime.

Sounds scary?

Well, you need not to worry. Because the basic formula used for making alcohol hand sanitizers and alcohol hand rub is not just better for the skin but also much gentler than soap. 

Thanks to best hand sanitizers like Zermero Advance Hand Rub, which are enriched with the goodness of tea tree oil and aloe vera. Zermero, an ayurvedic proprietary medicine made from selected ingredients like ajwain, lavender, neem, tulsi, carefully picked from the lap of Mother Nature instantly destroys bacteria and increases skin hydration leaving behind a fresh and zesty fragrance.

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Hope you will find the above article informative. We will see you soon with yet another informative write-up.


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