Apr 07, 2020

Genius uses of hand sanitizers

In the present scenario, hand sanitizer is a very important tool that is present almost everywhere whether it is an office desk, reception desk, schools or your homes. But do you all know that hand sanitizer is just not used for cleaning hands but there are many other uses of hand sanitizers as well. Hand sanitizers are so versatile in nature that there different uses in different forms might even surprise you. If you still think that hand sanitizer are just used to clean the hands you have to think once again. Here are some of the interesting uses of hand sanitizers:

1. Removes Marker Stains: Hand sanitizer helps in removing the marker stains whether they are on clothes, counter or on a white board. Its’ just that you have to squit it around the surface for around 10 minutes before cleaning and you would get rid of all the old stains.

2. Can be Used in Place of Deodorant: In summers there are a little more chances that armpits begin to smell because of sweating. So it makes a perfect sense to use a hand sanitizer when you are out of deodorant and don't have much time to go out. It will keep you fresh and will kill bad odour causing bacteria.

3. Removes Sticky Labels: The alcohol present in the hand sanitizer helps in detaching the adhesive in the sticker glue. You just have to rub it and leave the surface for couple of minutes, then use a coin or a spoon to rub it off. It will even work on giant sized stickers.

4. Cleans Household Items: As hand sanitizers carry huge alcohol content present in them, it is a great tool in cleaning the household items like sinks and countertops. It wipes away all the dirt on the surface and evaporates very quickly.

5. Helps in Cleaning Make-Up Brushes: Hand sanitizer helps in cleaning the make-up brushes. After washing it with water, rubbing them with hand sanitizer spruce up the make-up brushes.

6. Cleans your Eyeglasses: We people spend a lot of money to buy herb infused fluid for eyeglass cleaner. But you must know that hand sanitizer can do the job of that fluid. It removes the finger prints and other stains off your eyeglasses.

7. Removes Scrape Marks: Hand sanitizer also helps in removing the scratch marks on the shoes. It also helps in removing the dark marks present on the light coloured shoes. Just take a dab of it and rub it on the scratch marks and you are good to go.

8. Cleans Keyboard: In the routine working there are a lot of chances that a lot of dirt causing bacteria may enter between the keys of the keyboard. So, with a micro fibre cloth and hand sanitizer it is easy to clean the dust present on the keyboard.

9. Polish Silver: Hand sanitizer also helps to remove tarnish on silver ornaments. Its’ just that you have to apply few drops of alcohol based hand sanitizer on it and rub it for few minutes to get rid of tarnish present on the silver.

10. Quick Acne Relief: The inflammation caused due to pimple or a bug bite is caused due to the bacteria present on the skin. Spoting a drop of hand sanitizer on the surface results in immediate relief.

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