Apr 11, 2020

Hand Sanitizer-Alcohol based VS Alcohol free

Hand sanitizer is basically a product which was developed for using after washing hands or for using at those times when soap and water are not readily available.

It is a product which is very convenient, easy to use and portable. It is very handy so that we can keep it easily in our pocket or in our hand bag. It helps us to keep our hands sanitized all the time whether we are in the market or on the go. A good hand sanitizer also helps us in not getting infected by the microorganisms and thus, keeps us safe from bacteria.

In several studies it is found that the risk of spreading of gastro-intestinal and respiratory infections decreased among the people who use hand sanitizers frequently.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

Hand sanitizer comes in two different forms: Liquid form and Gel form. Likewise, there are two types of hand sanitizers: Alcohol based hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer with no alcohol.

Now the million dollar question is,

Which type of hand sanitizer is considered most effective in killing germs?

Although, both the types of hand sanitizers have antiseptic properties that kill germs and microorganisms, still there are some differences between the efficacies of these two kinds of hand sanitizers.

Want to know about it? Keep reading…

Hand Sanitizer without Alcohol:

As we all know that we are using soaps to wash our hands from many years now and we all are well satisfied with the results of our soap wash. But, according to the FDA research report, soaps that contain only Sodium hydroxide, glycerine or some other common ingredients are not enough to kill all the bacteria in one wash.

So should I opt for a hand sanitizer to cleanse more?

Well the answer is yes. Although various studies conducted overtime have proved that there is nothing better than washing your hands with soap and water, however, to take your personal hygiene to the next level you are advised to use a hand sanitizer post your hand wash. Having said that, it must be noted that hand sanitizer without alcohol despite having all antiseptic properties, that kill 99.9% of germs that cause common illness, are less effective in comparison with Alcohol based hand sanitizers. Let us understand how.

Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol:

There is this second type of hand sanitizer that contains alcohol as one of the key ingredient in it. The alcohol can be ethyl alcohol, ethanol or isopropanol.

Hand sanitizer contains alcohol?

Shockingly yes. But there is a science behind it.

Alcohol has anti-bacterial properties in it. These anti-bacterial properties helps in dissolving the outer coating of the viruses and bacteria, which ultimately proves that hand sanitizer ends up killing the harmful bacteria on our hands and discontinue its’ effect on the entire body. Generally the hand sanitizer carry upto 70% alcohol in it as an active ingredient and rest other ingredients are used to maintain its’ gel like consistency, softening properties and to maintain its’ botanical fragrance as well.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department, in one of their study proved that alcohol based hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs and is recognized as safe to use. Ingredients other than isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol or benzalkonium alcohol have shown little or no evidence of being effective in killing the germs.

To sum up:

  1. Hand sanitizer with 60 to 90 percent of alcohol starts working immediately right after applying it on the hands.
  2. It kills 99.9% major or minor bacteria within seconds.
  3. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are skin friendly.
  4. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are easy to absorb on our hands.
  5. Alcohol based hand sanitizers get dry within seconds after applying it on hands.

Needless to say any more, alcohol based hand sanitizer are more effective than hand sanitizer containing no alcohol at all. To buy online hand sanitizer visit www.thesacredbath.ayursolace.com and have ayurvedic hand sanitizer enriched with the goodness of tea tree oil and lavender.

Hope after reading all this you must be confident by now about which hand sanitizer is beneficial for you. If you find this helpful then don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family and colleagues.

I will see you soon with yet another informative article. Till then, like I always say STAY HEALTHY. STAY HAPPY.