Apr 21, 2020

How to take care of your health and hygiene while indulging in outdoor activities

The very thought of campaigning and hiking appeals to those who love connecting with nature. But whenever you go for campaigning or some outdoor picnic with family one of the major thing that bothers us is hygiene. Whether there will be proper restrooms, whether the restrooms will be clean, whether I am going to get clean water to drink and bath, whether the campaigning site will be safe, how well managed the campaigning site will be and how well we will be able to keep ourselves clean, questions like these always crosses our mind. However, by taking some corrective measures and carrying few items along with ourselves we can ensure that our hygiene level is on point.

1. Pack a hygiene kit: It all starts with a hygiene kit when it comes to bag packing for an outdoor campaign. It includes toothbrush, shampoo, paper soaps, hand sanitizer, tissue papers and stuff like that. With these basic things we can protect ourselves from feeling paralyzed in the midst of lots of bacteria and dirt around us.

2. Wear shower shoes: Even the most untouched camps may carry fungal infections. To restrain this problem you may either carry a pair of shower shoes or any old pair of flip flops so that it keeps a good divide among the bare foots.

Not to forget to use a hand sanitizer after wearing shoes.

3. Do not wear dirty clothes: When we are outdoors, we tend to get more sweat as compared to when we are at home indoors. The sweat results in the formation of bacteria and germs which can lead to itching and red rashes on the skin. It is therefore, necessary to make sure to change your clothes and to keep used clothes separate from fresh pair of clothes.

4. Use an effective insect repellent: Bugs, I am sure nobody likes their creepy sound in ears. Not only that, they also carry a lot of diseases with them. So, while outdoor it is important to carry a good and effective mosquito repellent with ourselves to keep insects and mosquitoes away.

Remember that insect repellents contain harmful chemicals in them, so make sure to use a hand sanitizer after its’ application. 

5. Mop yourself: It is a common fact that just because we have had a bath in the morning does not mean that we are going to stay germ free throughout the day. When outdoors, you can see yourself covered in filth every now and then without enough access to water. It is therefore suitable to carry some cotton along with hydrogen peroxide with us. All you need to do is take some cotton with a dash of hydrogen peroxide on it and mop yourself on areas you feel more prone to bacteria like armpits, feet etc.

6. Carry some antibacterial wipes: There are some micro bacteria that are more resistant than the others. Our hand is the primary spot from where the bacteria and viruses enter our body. Anti-bacterial wipes help you kill 99.99% bacteria thereby to some extent preventing you from infections and diseases.

7. Hand sanitizer: This is by far the most important thing which you must have in your bag while leaving for an outdoor adventure. Hand sanitizers are an essential especially in a situation when soap and water is not easily accessible. You can use Zermero hand sanitizer containing 75% alcohol and enriched with the goodness of tulsi, neem, aloe vera, tea tree oil and lavender.

So with this we’ve helped you with some of the techniques that will help you in keeping your hygiene intact while you be a globe trotter. You just make sure to follow these above mentioned tips and tricks and you are good to go.