Apr 08, 2020

Ideal hand sanitizer dispenser locations at school

In today’s world and scenario everyone is so busy in the rat like race that they hardly care about their well being. People are so engrossed in their hectic schedule that they hardly care about their personal hygiene. Simpler things like using handkerchief while coughing and sneezing, washing hands with soap and water properly such things are often overlooked by many. Just imagine a situation when one person who sneezes do not use handkerchief, he then meets other people around him, greets them by a handshake and thus transfers the bacteria present on his hands from sneezing, to others. This is a vicious chain of reaction which passes on from one person to another without anyone’s notice and can lead to various illnesses like coughing, sneezing, etc.

Ever thought about all this?

We as parents are no far behind all this mess. We simply feel that by sending our ward to school every day we are fulfilling our responsibility without knowing that unknowingly we are sending them in the breeding ground of germs.

Schools are breeding ground of germs? How?

Well, yes they are. Schools are the educational institutions that lay the foundation of life of an individual. We as parents, encourage our child to go to school so as to gain qualitative knowledge which in turn helps the toddler to develop the principles of his life, in future. If our child goes to school happily we often feel contented. But the darker side of this is that with runny noses, sticky and dirty hands, schools are by far one of the most common breeding ground of germs.

As it is rightly said by Dr. Hartley Rotbart – “Schools are germ candy stores”. They can be hidden anywhere, maybe on desk, can be in air of playground or can be in the keyboards and there are chances of finding them in the books cover in library.

Sounds scary? Well… but this is the bitter truth…!

It therefore becomes the duty of both the parents as well as the school management to take care of the personal hygiene of the children. When parents on one hand can look after the personal hygiene of their children at home, schools can do there bit by making available hand sanitizer dispensers at various locations inside the school premises.

There are some key locations where sanitizers can be set up in schools.

1. Drinking Fountain

This can be the main area where everyone must focus as this is the main place to catch flu because all kids put their mouth in stream of water and can catch germs without actually knowing about it. There should be hand sanitizer near to the fountain and teachers should urge students to use it before drinking water so as to not contaminate the water taps.

2. Classroom

This is by far the only place where children spend most of their time in school. Naturally while studying they tend to touch their face, pick their nose, cough and sneeze without using hanky which makes classroom a room full of germs which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. Therefore, a hand sanitizer dispenser should be there at the door of the classroom so that the children can live with happy hands.

3. The Library

You must be thinking by now how can bacteria and viruses be there at a place which is full of just books. But yes, to your surprise library is a place where bacteria and illness causing germs can be hidden on the books cover or on the books shelves. Such bacteria are strong enough to make your child fall sick. Hence, to prevent this from happening, library is yet another place where hand sanitizer dispenser should be there.

4. The Computer Lab

You might not know but the harmful bacteria can be hidden on the keyboard, in between the keys or on the mouse of the computer. Children, who generally do not wash their hands out of their habit, unknowingly pass on the germs to fellow classmates through this medium. A hand sanitizer dispenser present at the entrance of the computer lab can prevent the entry of microorganisms inside the computer lab, thus letting the children focus on learning various new technologies.

5. Canteen

Needless to say, the school canteen is the most obvious place for the breeding ground of germs. Many children do not wash their hands before eating food which alone highlights the importance of having a hand sanitizer inside the school canteen.

With all that being said, it is worth mentioning here that hand washing is far better than hand sanitizing on any given day. However, due to lack of availability of time as well as soap and water we tend to skip this basic step towards personal hygiene. It is thus recommended to atleast sanitize your hands with a good alcohol based hand sanitizer for clean hands.