Apr 30, 2020

Most common hot spots of germs

From the time germs were first discovered in 1644, the world has been involved into an endless, messy and sloppy battle with the germs. And why not it should? After all these germs is the root cause of making us sick and miserable. Human beings consider germs to be a more vexing foe than a mosquito. These tiny microorganisms are so vicious that even in some cases they can prove to be fatal for us.  

Ideally what happens is that these bad pathogens, germs and bacteria aimlessly linger in the air around us. These then settle on common public surfaces like computer keyboard, doorknob, faucet handles, kitchen sink, escalator handrails, just to name a few, from where they get transmitted to our body the moment we touch such contaminated surfaces.

Germ hunters at the University of Arizona researched for U.S. cities in 2013 and found one out of every five public places they studied was contaminated.

They are the most devious of health villains, often ghosts which are invisible to their unsuspecting targets. It is thus better to have a fair understanding of the so called hot spots of germs so that on a personal level we can armour ourselves with hand sanitizers, paper soaps, disinfecting wipes etc when we venture daily into some of germs’ favorite vacation spots.

>> TV remote control: Most of us have this habit of munching some snacks while switching between our favorite TV shows. Therefore, with one hand in a bag of potato chips or in a bowl of popcorn and other hand on the remote, you never know which guest before you may have been coming down with a bad cold. Research shows television remote controls were found to be among the most common household resting places for rhinovirus traces after someone with the infection spent time at home. It is thus advised to sanitize your remote control on a daily basis just like you clean your home on an everyday level.

>> Health club exercise equipments: You are probably one of those persons who like to stay fit and healthy for which you hit the gym to burn by the gallon on the health club’s exercise bike or weight machine, but did you ever surprise why you are getting sick or where that mysterious rash on your legs and arms came from?

The gym is full of microbes. People are wiping equipment with dirty towels, sweating profusely thereby contaminating all the equipments in the gym. It is thus better to wipe off the gym equipment you are going to use with a disinfectant wipe before hoping onto it.

>> Public transportation: Needless to say, public transportation is one of the most favorite vacation spot of germs. Cab drivers hate them because they never pay fare. Surfaces like poles, window panes, door handles, handrails, window sills, seats are touched by hundreds of people on a daily basis thus making the surface contaminated and indeed a breeding ground of germs. A hand sanitizer thus can be your savior in such a situation obviously because soap and water is not readily available there. Make sure to sanitize your hands after taking your seat in the conveyance.

>> Public restroom soap dispenser: This is the irony that the place where germs are supposed to go to die are infact a hangout place for germs. A study showed that 25% of public restroom soap dispenser contains fecal bacteria which can make anybody fall sick. It is thus best to sanitize your hands with an alcohol based hand sanitizer after washing your hands.

>> ATM: Surprising enough, don't you think that whenever you visit an automated teller machine you may be withdrawing more germs than cash? Germs love to take quick nap on ATM buttons until the next unsuspecting customer comes in. Some studies suggest as many as 1,200 bacteria on average live on each ATM button. No we are not going to say to sanitize your cash, instead sanitize your hands so as not to transmit the germs from ATM buttons to other surfaces you touch.

>> Working space: This is probably one of the areas where we tend to spend most of our time while working. Every now and then we end up greeting our colleagues and clients with a handshake which is carried by germs from coffee pots, photocopier buttons and communal microwaves. Coworkers who share the working equipments such as keyboard, monitor and mouse have more chances to get in contact with germs and bacteria. Keeping a hand sanitizer at your working desk can prevent you from illness causing germs and bacteria.

>> Smart phones: Think of all the surfaces where you put your phone and the surfaces you’ve touched before using your phone. The chances of spreading the germs from smart phones are thus seemingly infinite. Smart phones are usually the extension of our hands so make a daily habit of cleaning your phone by placing a little hand sanitizer on a tissue and wiping your phone.

>> Children’s playground: A beloved place for fun, both for kids as well as for germs. Nowhere in the world are conditions more ideal for germs to fester and spread. Swings, slides, teeter-totters, ball rooms are germ transport centers and a major virus transfer center among young children. Disinfecting your child after a visit to the playground is therefore a must in the fight against germs.

>> Restaurant menus and condiments: Restaurant menus and condiments served with love and germs. Items like salt and pepper dispenser on the tabletop, used my multiple diners every day, are not washed often. So clearly they can harbor cold and flu germs because you never know what the last person who has touched this salt and pepper dispenser has touched before that. As a step towards your personal hygiene, make sure to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer after handling the restaurant menu.