Apr 06, 2020

The Science behind hand sanitizers

After all we all know about the outburst of the novel coronavirus disease popularly known as COVID-19 all over the world. The only way to prevent the poisonous virus is to take the precautionary steps. One of the most important of which is hand washing. There have been persistent reminders to wash the hands properly. However, there are times and situations when soap and water is not readily available.

 Then what to do??? Well you’ve got hand sanitizer then.

Hand sanitizer is a convenient and one of the most effective ways to clean our hands instantly without using soap and water. Although alcohol based hand sanitizers is the most preferred method to get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses there are many ayurvedic hand sanitizer and non-ayurvedic hand sanitizer that are there in the market.


According to the American Chemical Society most popular hand sanitizers contains alcohol. It might include ethanol or ethyl alcohol (used in beer, wine and liquor) isopropanol alcohol or (used in rubbing alcohol) benzalkonium chloride. These alcoholic properties helps in dissolving the outer coating of the viruses and bacteria, which ultimately proves that hand sanitizer ends up killing the harmful bacteria on our hands and discontinue its’ effect on the entire body. Generally the hand sanitizer carry upto 70% alcohol in it as an active ingredient and rest other ingredients are used to maintain its’ gel like consistency, softening properties and to maintain its’ botanical fragrance as well.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department, proved in one of their study that alcohol based hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs and is recognized as safe to use. Ingredients other than isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol or benzalkonium alcohol have shown little or no evidence of being effective in killing the germs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that hand sanitizers does not remove harmful pesticides from the hands nor does it works when the hands are dirty or greasy. The CDC recommends that the hand sanitizers may carry at least 60% alcohol for maximum effectiveness.


Alcohol based hand sanitizer kills the bacteria and viruses by destroying their cell structures. The novel coronavirus disease, for instance, is an enveloped virus that is surrounded by a very fat layer. Such bacteria and viruses can be killed using alcohol based hand sanitizers. They simply break down the cell or the membrane of the virus which makes the virus unable to infect an individual.

Hand sanitizers are very effective in clinical departments like hospitals, where hands come in contact with germs a number of times. It is really very important in clinical departments as there it might be very easy for the virus to spread and make a chain of viruses that can affect a number of persons from one individual. So by sanitization the impact of such harmful bacteria and viruses can be reduced.

Alton Brown, one of the famous scientist said that hand washing is a lot more similar like making salad dressing. He explained that lathering up with the soap and water releases amphiphiles which is a chemical compound that acquire both hydrophilic compound that has water loving properties and hydrophobic compound that has water hating properties. It means that with proper agitation, amphiphiles creates an emulsification that can hold things together which do not naturally mix together. This emulsification not only lifts and removes viruses from the skin, but it can also break down their cells which almost kills the bacteria and viruses.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers can kill the viruses, but they don’t have emulsifying properties to remove the viruses as soap and water can do. It has been often seen that bacteria and virus often develop extra coating and a strong membrane that can be killed by alcohol. So, alcohol based hand sanitizers are very important to keep you safe from the virus important of which is now stated as COVID-19.

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