Apr 29, 2020

Tips to stay hygienic in public transport

Summer season is approaching fast and so is the number of bacteria and viruses that comes as add on with the season. Irrespective of the scorching July sun families pack their bags to spend their summer holidays at beautiful and exotic locations to beat the heat. And even if you do not fall in this category, usage of public transportation is something which you just cannot escape through. Unless you are highly affluent, you travel in your private automobile else you have to depend on the regular jam packed auto-rickshaw, metro, bus or train for your daily commute. As more people forgo private conveyance to circumvent gas prices and maintenance costs and opts for public transportation, the likelihood of being near to someone who is coughing, sneezing, and sniffling during your daily commutes skyrockets. Alarmingly, according to a study from the University of Nottingham in the U.K., those who take public transportation are six times more likely to suffer from acute respiratory illnesses than those who commute solo.

Shocking! Isn’t it?

So, should I completely boycott public transportation?

No, we aren’t saying that. Instead it is good to use public transportation than private vehicles to reach from point A to point B because it reduces the number of vehicles on the road, reduces the chances of meeting traffic on the way and most importantly, reduces air pollution. However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t pick up nasty germs when you are en route to your destination.

So, how can people using mass transit keep themselves and those around them healthy?

Let’s start with the basics…

>> Keep washing your hands:

Various esteemed organizations like World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has had highlighted the importance of hand washing to stay germ free. I am not saying that you should wash hands while in the public transport, but just make sure that you wash your hands once you get to your destination. This way you can ensure that you are not transmitting the germs to the place you are going.

Trust me, I do this myself as well.

>> Always carry a tissue or handkerchief:

This can be your savior on any given day. Whether you are perspiring from a hot day, gasping for fresh air in a jam packed public transport or suffering from cough and cold, there are many ways to use the humble hanky. It has always been a great tool to dab away forehead moisture, catching the, uh, ‘contents’ of your cold or simply to just cover your mouth from the pollution around.

>> Change your clothes once you reach home:  

After a hectic day at work, the moment we step inside our home, we immediately hop onto our couch or bed to relax. This however should be avoided because it increases the risk of you transmitting the germs, which obviously you have brought from outside with you, to your couch, bed or anywhere you sit. Make sure to immediately jump into your favourite home clothes as soon as you reach home and dump your used clothes in the laundry.

>> Plan to leave early:

This is upto your own sweet wish but travelling in public transport when it is less crowded will definitely going to add some brownie points in your personal hygiene efforts. How? Well, the logic is pretty simple, lesser the people, fewer are the chances of contagious bacteria around you.

>> Drink safe water:

Keeping yourself hydrated is yet another basic step towards personal hygiene while on the go. Make sure you don’t sip on grimy water as it may lead to water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis. Always carry adequate water with you before leaving from home and just in case you run out of it, always go for packaged drinking water.

>> Wear air mask:

Well if your city is famous for the rising air pollution levels then you must get yourself air masks as it is one of the most efficient ways to keep bacteria, germs, pollen and dust away.

>> Wear gloves:

This thing will look daft in this humid weather but this method is indeed effective as wearing gloves safeguards you whenever you touch poles, seats and handlebars, which are also touched by everyone else. Simply put, you are avoiding skin contact wherever possible.

>> Carry a hand sanitizer:

Our hands are that part of our body through which most of the harmful germs, bacteria, pathogens, enters our body. Hand sanitizer thus acts as a blessing in disguise in times when soap and water is not easily accessible while on the go. Zermero hand sanitizer because of its’ alcoholic properties kills the harmful bacteria present on your hands without rinsing with water and wiping with towel.

Though, it may seem an uphill task to keep oneself protected from germs and bacteria in public transport but this task in turn can be made simpler by following the few basic steps mentioned above.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you guys. I will see you super soon with yet another informative, engaging and knowledgeable blog post, till then STAY HEALTHY. STAY HAPPY.