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Each culture has its own practices surrounding the sacredness of water. There is nothing more delectable than a good, warm shower or bath after a stressed and tiring day. It can soothe tired muscles, rejuvenate senses and deliver deep healing. The Sacred Bath Co has been parented by Solace Biotech Limited which has created a niche for itself in manufacturing and marketing of best-in-class pharmaceutical products since 2000. We at The Sacred Bath Co are genuinely thrilled to offer a range of products which not only clean the skin but do a lot more than that. Our unique & highly qualitative products are formulated through authentic Ayurveda recipes using natural extracts and essential oils so as to offer better hygiene and rejuvenating spa experience at home.

Enjoy the new age bathing and hygiene experience with us.

Our Mission

In India, for generations many recipes of skin care using natural oils and herbs have been handed down from mother to d aughter. By stealing all the secret recipes from our grandmothers and to redefine the conventional bathing experience, The Sacred Bath Co. was born out of a sheer passion to provide people, bath & body products that will allow them to shine their brightest.

Our mission is to create products with powerful combinations of amazing ingredients like fresh herbs, natural oils and other organic ingredients. The Sacred Bath Co. strives to create the ultimate brand experience by proposing a wide range of products like shower wash, hand sanitizer, hair shampoos, shower gel, hand wash that enable holistic well-being and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

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